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What is a “Verified Badge?”

What is the Verified Badge?

To build brand awareness, and customer confidence, Legitly.com has taken additional steps to further our verification platform

Through our “Brand Verify Program,”  customers are invited to enroll in an easy, hassle free sign-up process.

Upon successful completion of this program,  customer will receive,  the new “Verified Badge,” next to their companies logo. 

This badge will be displayed on every product page, once your brand is verified. 

Companies who choose to enroll, and provide additional verification, are eligible to receive the badge. 

What are the Requirements to get the badge?

Brands who choose to activate this new feature, will have gone through a 2 party screening process.

Additional Information May Include: 

  • Direct dialogue between official social media accounts.
  • Correspondences sent via official company email accounts (ie, Jim@company.com)
  • Statement of information fillings.
  • Trademark registration number (USPTO only)
  • On-Site visit to company HQ
  • 3rd party verification. 
  • Live video conferencing. 

What companies are eligible for the badge?

Because Legitly.com sells their verification stickers on the open market, any established, and verifiable company –  who orders our stickers, is eligible to receive the badge.  



I’m a brand owner, and would like to enroll – how?

Reach out to us at Info@Legitly.com – and use subject title: “Brand Verification” 

Someone will reply within 24 hours. 

Updated on November 6, 2019

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