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Installation Guide


To Set-Up Legitly™  Follow the Steps Below

Install the APP

Head over to the Apple’s App store – or Google Play, and download our APP

Google : ANDROID



Once you install the APP on to your device, you are now ready to “SIGN UP”

Click this Button:


Fill out the Form Seen here:


Locate the QR Batch Scan Button

While logged in to your Dashboard you will notice several icons – Choose “QR SCANNER”

this will open your phone’s camera.

Locate your Brochure

Contained within the White Envelope you received from Legitly is your Product Brochure – On the back of this brochure contains your activation sticker.


This will activate all of the stickers contained in your packet.


Take the tour!

After the above steps are completed – find this icon located on your main dashboard page. Click the image and you will be directed to a step-by-step guide of the systems features and begin uploading your products!




Updated on July 27, 2019

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