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Billing FAQ’s


Our official invoice prices are the PUBLISHED PRICES shown on the web page. If there are discrepancies between the PUBLISHED price and the SHOPPING CART price (those shown after clicking the BUY NOW button), the PUBLISHED PRICE prevails.

Prices shown on the website exclude:

1. Sales Tax to USA destinations: 
Currently we collect sales tax for all retail shipments to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Also, sales tax may apply for some products shipped via ‘drop ship’ from a supplier’s USA warehouse. The states where we are required to collect sales tax are subject to change without notice.

For other US locations, the buyer is responsible for paying the local and state sales tax or use tax. If you are exempt from sales tax, you must provide information regarding your re-seller certificate or exemption status prior to placing your order.

2. Shipping:
Our standard shipping terms are FOB California. You can provide your shipping account or we can ship on our account and add the shipping costs to the invoice. Shipping costs to USA destinations are subject to the applicable sales tax. Our standard carriers are FedEx, UPS, and specific truckload freight companies, which are selected and paid by us.

3. Insurance:
All orders are fully insured if they are shipped on our account using our standard carriers for ground and air shipments. Our standard carriers include:
a. United States Postal Service (UPS)*
b. Any truck service where we select the carrier

* If shipping on your account via FedEx or UPS, we always insure the package for the full value, unless you request otherwise. (Please call for Quote +1 (888) LEGITLY )

For all other types of shipments, you are responsible to arrange for insurance or accept the risk if the package is lost or damaged. This includes:
a. Orders shipped by the US Postal Service
b. Using your preferred carrier (other than FedEx or UPS) and billing it to your shipping account.

4. Import Fees: VAT, Sales Tax, Broker Fees, Customs, Duties & Import Fees to International Destinations:
Our standard practice for quoting product to international destinations is LEGITLY California, USA. International shipping costs quoted verbally or shown on our website exclude any import fees including customs, duties, broker fees, clearance fees, sales tax, VAT, storage fees, etc. We offer options to ship using alternate incoterms (see Section F below).

As the Buyer, you are solely responsible to pay all import fees based on the shipping destination. To assure you understand the total cost of the purchase, we recommend you confirm the specific destination charges prior to placing the order.

If you are using a customs broker, these charges will be presented to you as a separate invoice when the products are delivered.

If we ship on our account using FedEx, UPS, DHL or another air express carrier, the carrier will present the import fees as a separate invoice to you when the product is delivered. If the product is delivered and the import fees are back-charged to us, we will invoice you for the import fees (+10% processing fee) within 180 days of delivery.


To enter an order with a Legitly.com, we accept the following forms of payment:

  1. For deliveries within the USA:
    • Credit & Debit Cards (Master Card, VISA, AMEX, Discover)
      – excludes International Credit/Debit Cards
    • Company checks
    • PAYPAL (email funds to miramarlabs@yahoo.com)
    • Bank Wire Transfer – Section D
    • Extended payment terms – Section E
  2. For deliveries outside the USA:
    • Bank Wire Transfer — payment is required in advance; this is our standard method of payment for international shipments – Section D
    • Credit & Debit Cards — we normally do not accept international credit cards. However, if you provide a photo ID and copy of both sides of the card to verify your identity (subject to our approval), we may consider payment by international card.
    • PAYPAL — we normally do not accept PAYPAL for international shipments. However, if you provide a photo ID to verify your identity (subject to our approval), we may consider payment by PAYPAL.


  1. Shopping Cart Orders
    Credit card orders placed on the shopping cart can be processed automatically. If you pay with another method, process your order with appropriate comments.For established customers, we offer extended payment terms for Shopping Cart orders. If interested, please see Section E for an application.Credit Card Processing for Legitly.com is arranged through Stripe’s merchant services. For more information about their Terms and Conditions please click here:
  2. We do NOT process orders using any of the following:
    • COD
    • Personal Checks
    • Third Party Checks
    • Cashier Checks
    • International Business Checks
    • Western Union
    • International Credit Cards — unless you provide additional verification of your identity (subject to our approval) as noted in B2 as noted above.
    • Bitcoin


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress, PayPal

To process a credit card order, we require all of the following information:

  • Name on card (exactly as shown)
  • Card type and number
  • Expiration date
  • Last 3 digits of the security code in the signature panel
  • Mailing address and Zip code where billing statements are mailed
  • The name and home phone number of the person placing the order.Note: We will only ship to the address of the card holder.



Wire Transfer Payment in advance is required for ALL Shipments outside the United States and for some shipments within the United States.

Contact the assigned sales rep noted at the bottom of each product page (see the yellow box “Questions? Need Help?“) to confirm the product, quantity, price and order schedule.

After you confirm your order details, the sales rep will send you a detailed pro-forma invoice, which includes the wire transfer instructions.

Our bank must confirm the receipt of the payment before we begin production. Orders typically ship within 2 weeks after the payment is first acknowledged.

If you over pay by wire transfer, the over payment is automatically applied to your account for a future order. If you want a refund, allow 30 days for processing.


Extended payment terms are provided on some stock products under the following conditions:

  1. Initial order is paid in advance via Credit Card, Company Check, PayPal, (see acceptable forms of payment)
  2. A valid credit card is retained on file to guarantee payment if future payments are not timely.
  3. You provide us with three acceptable credit references; allow us 2 weeks to evaluate your references.
  4. Your credit limit will initially be limited to the value of the first order; increases to the credit limit will be determined based on your credit history with Legitly.
  5. For repeat customers, we offer extended payment terms for purchases on our shopping cart. This special credit allowance must be established in advance.


Due to the nature of the products we sell, most orders require a signature to confirm delivery.

All deliveries to a business address require a signature. If you waive the signature requirement (or have a signature on file with the carrier), your company is responsible for the product if the carrier confirms they made the delivery (even if the product is later determined to be missing or stolen).

All deliveries to a residential address require a signature where the order value is $200 or more. If you waive the signature requirement (or have a signature on file with the carrier), you are responsible for the product if the carrier confirms they made the delivery (even if the product is later determined to be missing or stolen).

Shipping Options within the USA

  • USPS*: Daily service from Legitly
    – Next Day Air (by 11am next business day)
    – Next Day Air Saver (by 3pm next business day)
    – 2 day (by 3pm on 2nd business day)
    – Ground (1 to 5 days)
  • DHL: Not Available
  • Active Military – Goods Sent, by USPS.com
  • Various LTL carriers: optional when shipping on the customer’s account

Hawaii and Alaska — we recommend air express (shipping ground usually requires a minimum of 1 week; 2 Day express is often less expensive than ground)

International Shipping Options (with typical service times*)

DELIVERY CARRIERS: Our standard procedure is to quote product pricing EX-WORKS using these carriers:

    • USPS*: Daily service from Legitly (our recommended carrier to Canada based on faster service)
      • Ground to Canada (2 to 5 days) Note: USPS charges and an extra $25 entry fee for ground to Canada.
      • Worldwide Expedited Air (2 to 5 days by end of day)
      • Worldwide Saver Air (1 to 3 days by end of day)
      • Worldwide Express Air (1 to 3 days by noon)


    • United States Postal Service: Only offered for U.S. military (APO/FPO/DPO) addresses; the shipping cost is added to the invoice.


    • TNT: Does not provide pick up service to our facility in Long Beach, California.


  • Other Freight Forwarders — we will provide service upon request when using the customer’s account.

* With these carriers, you can provide your shipping account or we can ship on our account and add the shipping costs to the invoice. Legitly does not guarantee the carriers stated service. Other services not shown may be available in your area, but the availability of other services needs to be confirmed by the customer.

DELIVERY TERMS: Our standard procedure is to quote product pricing EX-WORKS. However, as an option we can quote delivery using the following Incoterms:

Responsibility for Shipping Cost & Insurance by Incoterm

  1. Ex-works (EXW)
    • Legitly: NONE
    • Customer: all expenses from Legitly’s location to delivery at customer location (w/customs*)
  2. Free Carrier (FCA)
    • Legitly: Delivery and insurance to export terminal only
    • Customer: Unloading at export terminal to delivery at customer location (w/customs*)
  3. Ocean Cost, Insurance & Freight (CIF)
    • Legitly: Delivery and insurance to ocean import terminal only
    • Customer: Unloading at ocean import terminal to delivery at customer location (w/customs*)
  4. Delivered At Place (DAP) — formerly known as DDU (delivery duty unpaid)
    • Legitly: Delivery and insurance to customer location
    • Customer: Customs*
  5. Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)
    Note: This option is only available for repeat customers; allow 4 weeks for our internal approval process

    • Legitly: All expenses from Legitly’s location to customer location (w/ customs*)
    • Customer: NONE

* CUSTOMS — includes customs clearance fees, duties and taxes, but excludes sales tax, VAT, and storage fees unless these are specifically itemized in our quote.




We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This includes:

  • Fast and friendly customer service
  • Free samples
  • Quality products
  • Money back guarantee

You are doing us a favor by telling us when things are not up to your expectations.


Our policies for returns, defective product and order errors are detailed below. A summary is as follows:

  • Defective or questionable product will be replaced or your money will be refunded 100% (Legitly’s option).
  • If we make a mistake in processing your order, we will make it right at our expense.
  • If you make a mistake in ordering, please let us know. Our return and replacement polices are intended to minimize the cost to you.
  • If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, please let us know. We will work with you to make it right.


To assure customer satisfaction with our products, we encourage all prospects to request FREE SAMPLES for testing and evaluating our products prior to placing an order. Having actual samples allows you to evaluate the product appearance, confirm that the adhesion is suitable, test the tamper evident feature and complete other performance tests.

Testing samples for suitability prior to ordering is especially important for custom products. If the product is not working as expected, we are more accommodating if you reviewed and successfully tested samples prior to ordering.

In the unlikely event there is a performance difference between the samples tested and the product ordered, please let us know. Since our samples and finished product are made from the same materials, this should not happen. However, there are subtle batch differences in the materials we use, which might cause noticeable performance differences in certain applications (such as adhesives on plastic surfaces, powder coated paint, textured surfaces, etc). Our intention is to make it right to you.


If you request to return stock product within 30 days of the invoice date, we offer credits as noted below; However, we do not accept returns on product which has been customized.

We do not refund the original shipping costs. Also, we do not refund rush charges.

If the original packaging is still intact and the material is suitable for resale as new material, you will get a 100% material refund. Otherwise, the material credit could range from 85% to 0% based on our inspection when we receive the returned material. This applies to stock hologram labels, security tape, security seals, blank labels, blank ID cards, lamination pouches, thermal ribbons and ID card ribbons.

Electric equipment and parts are subject to a restocking charge ranging from 25% to 35%. To qualify for any credit, only equipment and parts returned in the original packaging and suitable for resale as a new product.

You pay the return shipping.


  1. If you request to return stock product within 30 days of purchase, we offer credits as noted below. However, there is no credit for customized product.
    1. We do not refund the original shipping costs you paid.
    2. You pay to return the product to us.
    3. We do not refund import fees (customs, duties, VAT, clearance fees, etc) you paid.
    4. Restocking Fee: For stock product, we deduct a 15% restocking fee if the stock product is returned in it’s original packaging and the product is suitable for resale as a new product. We do not provide any credit for customized product.
  2. Refused Product: Import fees are an added expense you pay separately from our invoice. Although rare, sometimes a customer will overlook this expense and then refuse the final delivery. We recommend researching the import fees in advance to avoid a major unexpected cost when the product arrives.If you refuse to pay the import fees, you may return the product to us based on the same terms as noted in section G5-1 above. However, although you will not pay the import fees, it is possible the total costs related to the return may exceed the import fees. So evaluate the total return costs carefully before refusing to pay the import fees.For refused product, if you do not want to pay return shipping, another option is to abandon the product. If abandoned, the shipping company will dispose of the product. We do not offer any credit for abandoned product.


Our stock and custom products will be free of defects in material or workmanship. Defective products can be returned for a 100% refund or replacement (at Legitly’s option) within 90 days of purchase. We will pay the shipping cost to return defective merchandise. When we provide the replacement product, we will pay the shipping cost.

Claims for questionable or defective security tape must be made within 1 week of delivery.

The product warranty and return policy for ID card printers, thermal printers, software, and other electric equipment and parts is determined by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please call for details.

Please call Customer Service to report any product claims, request a “Return Material Authorization” and receive shipping instructions.


In the event Legitly makes an error (wrong quantity, product, pricing, printing error, etc) in processing your order, we will provide free replacement product or a refund to correct our mistake.

For custom products, the final instructions are communicated to us using a printing proof or specification, which is approved by the customer prior to production. Our responsibility is to produce the finished product within acceptable tolerances to the approved specification. We are not responsible for errors in a printing proof which is approved by the customer. However, if you make a mistake in ordering, please let us know. We will work with you to re-produce the order at a reduced price, whenever possible.


Our maximum liability for defective product or order errors is to provide free replacement material or a refund. We do not accept claims for any consequential damages.

Updated on July 14, 2019

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