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Legitly.com – Product Verification. Brand Protection.

Below you will find information about our most asked questions. Feel Free to browse this area for quick reference.

What Products can be fitted for these stickers

Pretty much anything you can think of, can benefit from product authentication.

Can't anyone knock off my products by buying the same stickers?

In short NO.  The truth is,  we work closely with our brands, and exclude fake companies immediately.  Additionally, our verified badge seal, tells YOUR customers that your company has provided additional info – meaning your product profiles  –  are genuine to your products only.

What if I have trouble creating my product profiles?

We are here to help!  From a single product, to 1000’s – Legitly has arranged to help assist both small or big businesses  –  by offering data entry, or simply walking you through our dashboard – we got you covered!

How do I start?

Once your stickers arrive – you will need to create a new profile. This can be done through our APP – or online here.  Next,  Find the QR scanner icon, in your dashboard.  From here simply point your camera at the QR code printed on your brochure or lot of stickers, and the phone will automatically recognize the Code and Activate your Stickers.  Then  Create Products. Assign Products – and Activate! It’s that Simple.

I still have questions?

Be sure to explore the rest of this Knowledge Base System – or feel free to reach out Monday – Friday 10am – 430pm PST.